Thordis repairing the Annex wall

Thordis repairing the Annex wall, July 2015

Privately funded at this time, the Museum of Authenticity operates as a self-sustaining entity. As such, the Museum must generate an income stream to support the buildings and gardens, the collections, and the programs it offers. You can support the Museum in the following ways:

Purchase Thordis’ creative nonfiction books, graphic notecards, and archival ink prints at the Museum Shop
Thordis Niela Simonsen’s first book, You May Plow Here: The Narrative of Sara Brooks, is the rich first-person account of an African-American woman’s childhood life on the mule-farm her father owned in central Alabama. The book was featured on the front page of The Chicago Tribune’s Sunday Bookworld. [It is currently out of print.] One reviewer described the vignettes in Thordis’ second book, Dancing Girl: Themes and Improvisations in a Greek Village Setting as “genuine encounters.” The text and photographs were funded in part by a grant from the Ella Lyman Cabot Trust. Thordis’ third book, Dances in Two Worlds: A Writer-Artist’s Backstory, contains twenty personal essays that set the stage for the fifty paintings published alongside the text. Completed with a grant from the John Anson Kittredge Educational Fund, the book won the Colorado Book Award for creative nonfiction and the praise of Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way. 

Thordis began making and selling graphic notecards in 2016 to promote and support the Museum. At a few dollars per card, only very brisk sales will add up to anything more than the price of a light bulb, but the cards are a joy to send and receive. If you appreciate the artwork published on her websites, contact Thordis for the complete catalog of available archival ink reproductions.

Invite Thordis to make a presentation to your book club, a house party you host, or an organization you are affiliated with.
Thordis is an engaging speaker/facilitator—so much so that one book club invited her three different times, once for each of her three different titles. So much so that the Denver Museum of Natural History and Vanderbilt’s women’s studies department invited her to speak on two occasions, Colorado State University’s women’s studies program, Women At Noon, invited her to speak on three separate occasions, and a professor from Norway arranged for her to make presentations to nine schools in Stavanger. Currently, Thordis is offering two programs: an interactive workshop, Art of Intuition / Realm of Possibility, and a one-woman multimedia performance, Building on Memory.

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